Areas Of The Law

Tyler Tipping and Woods operates a general legal practice, receiving instructions in most areas of the law and legal practice.

Administrative Law

The firm works in all matters involving clients’ dealings with government at a local, state and federal level.  Drafting submissions, undertaking freedom of information requests, seeking a review of governmental decisions by the various administrative tribunals, and the courts all form a significant part of our practice.

Building Law

Resolution of disputes between builders and home or commercial premises owners, enforcing contracts for building or renovating works involves both an understanding of the substantive law, and a capacity for lateral and practical thinking to achieve results.  Drafting or checking contracts for errors and omissions at an early stage can lead to a better result for clients.

Commercial Law

Whether acting for large national or international corporations, small businesses, or consumers, the firm understands the need for a holistic approach to problem solving.  Commercial matters rarely involve one simple area of substantive law, and the firm is well placed to consider all aspects of commercial matters.

Contract Law

Agreements for the provision of goods or services are the lifeblood of the modern economy.  Contracts need to be concise and precise both in terms of what each party must do, and the consequences of failure.  Alternative dispute resolution measures to solve disputes are often more cost-efficient than simply going to court.

Conveyancing & Property Law

Understanding the law of property and its many pitfalls has been the firm’s task for thousands of clients over the years.  We understand property from strata car parks in Melbourne to broadacre farms in regional Victoria.  Commercial property – buying, selling, mortgaging and leasing all bring their own legal challenges.

Criminal Law

The firm has a wide criminal law practice, acting in all types of criminal matters and in all jurisdictions.  Lawyers in the firm act as either prosecutor or defence counsel, and generally appear in court on the client’s behalf.   The early identification of legal issues, proper consideration of the evidence, and an understanding of how to obtain the best results for a client come from years of experience.

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal Hearings

Violence and Personal Safety

Estate Planning

Powers of Attorney documents, and other means are often employed to ensure that a person’s affairs are properly handled during certain times in their life.  We have significant experience in planning for those times, including retirement, to ensure a client’s affairs are in an optimum state for tax and social security purposes.

Family Law

Our expertise in this area of law (which touches members of the community far more frequently than any other) is at the specialist level.  Marriage, de facto, and same sex partnership breakdown all bring trauma and distress.  Our philosophy is to look for expeditious resolution of disputes, whilst ensuring that our clients’ rights are vigorously safeguarded during these difficult times.  Children’s issues, property, maintenance, superannuation are all  issues in most family law matters.  We undertake cohabitation, pre-nuptial and post-separation agreement drafting work.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity

The law provides many protections against discrimination on the grounds of, for example, race, creed, sexual orientation or conjugal status, or religion.  The firm has expertise in pursuing and defending claims in the appropriate court or tribunal.  A strong commitment to the rule of law has seen the firm undertake many actions resulting in a reversal of discrimination, or compensation where reversal is not possible.

Insurance Law

Many clients are intimidated by insurance companies who refuse to honour policies and commitments made to provide relief after accidents or other events which should trigger a payout of benefits.  The firm has a record of fighting for clients’ rights while seeking cost-effective solutions.


Contests in court are vigorously undertaken on our clients’ behalf to ensure their rights are protected.  The firm understands the value of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration; and seeks to employ them wherever possible and consistent with ensuring our clients’ best interests are served.  We conduct litigation is all courts in most jurisdictions.

Wills and Probate

A client’s wishes for the orderly passing of their property is one of the most important tasks a lawyers can be called upon to undertake.  Likewise, seeing that those wishes are carried out is an exacting area of the law.  The firm has drafted many thousands of wills and other documents,  and prosecuted or defended many actions challenging those documents in court.