Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are useful legal means of appointing someone or some people to handle an aspect of your affairs.  They are frequently used by people who are travelling away from home, are recovering from illness, or wish to make arrangements for when the are older.

Appointing a person as your Attorney under power does not restrict your legal ability to conduct your own affairs at all.  So you can still (for example) access your bank accounts even though your Attorney can as well.

A medical power of attorney is specifically to ensure that someone you trust has the final say over whether or not a medical procedure or decision on your medical future is undertaken or made.

The person or people appointed to either position need have no special qualifications or experience, but must be someone you trust completely.

Please complete the questions and submit your enquiry without obligation.  Our lawyers will then assess whether more information is needed, or whether a telephone or personal appointment should take place.  Either way, the decision to proceed to have us draft you a Power of Attorney will be yours.

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