Making Your Will

Making sure that your loved ones are able to see and understand what you wish to happen  after your death is the most important job done by your last will and testament.

The will can include dealing with your assets and distributing them, confirming or rejecting your status as an organ donor, giving directions as to your remains and funeral, and explaining why you have decided to favour one family member over another.  It may deal with your business, your superannuation, and promises you have made to others which you expect to be honoured.

An important part of will-making is the appointment of your executor and trustee.  These people need not have any training or special expertise, but should be those you trust.  We recommend the appointment of at least two executors who are younger than yourself.  Alternatively, you may wish to appoint a solicitor from Tyler Tipping and Woods to act as your executor and trustee.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

The law about wills is often complex and sometimes changes without members of the public knowing.  “Free” wills, and will kits are often inadequate to ensure your wishes are fulfilled; and frequently cause more problems than they solve.

Please complete the questions and submit your enquiry without obligation.  Our lawyers will then assess whether more information is needed, or whether a telephone or personal appointment should take place.  Either way, the decision to proceed to have us draft your last will and testament will be yours.

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