Welcome to Tyler Tipping & Woods

Tyler Tipping and Woods is a dynamic and innovative legal firm operating in Gippsland in regional Victoria. The firm can trace its legal roots back to the late 19th century in central Gippsland, and has a long history and heritage of service to the community. The firm took its current name in 1985, following a merger of the then legal firms of Tyler & Tipping and Rathjen, Wisely & Woods. The firm and its predecessors have maintained offices across the region, from Warragul to Sale and Maffra, and the major Latrobe Valley centres.

The firm has fostered a culture of excellence among its legal professionals, and those who are not qualified in law, but form an important part of the team. Professionals undergo regular professional development activities to ensure they are up to date with the practice of law, and new developments in the law itself.

Over the years, the firm has provided access to justice and affordable, high quality transactional legal work to tens of thousands of clients.  They range from individuals and small businesses to listed companies and not for profit organisations in the Latrobe Valley and Greater Gippsland to those elsewhere in Australia and overseas.

A commitment to transparency in charging for legal work undertaken, and arranging legal aid for those eligible are part of the firm’s ethos.  Consistent with this philosophy has been the firm’s being prepared to undertake pro bono work where the firm’s capacity and the merits of a client’s case have recommended it.

Surveys of Australians have long showed that the greatest barriers to people consulting a legal professional in a timely manner are the lack of knowledge of whether a legal problem exists or is likely, and the fear of cost.  You are encouraged to browse this website and its links, and to not hesitate to contact us to see where you stand.